Integrity Monitoring & Compliance

Ensuring integrity within companies and their contractors is vital to an enterprise’s reputation, operations and financial well being. Granite Intelligence provides Independent Private Sector Inspector General (“IPSIG”) monitoring services, compliance auditing and planning services in a wide variety of areas including finance, construction, labor law, manufacturing and heath care.

Granite Intelligence draws upon its extensive experience within law enforcement, government oversight, finance, accounting and business intelligence to provide independent and objective monitoring services and compliance programs for regulated businesses, deferred prosecution agreements, corporate integrity agreements or other contractual obligations.  By developing customized programs to identify and eliminate integrity risks through the systemic review and auditing of internal controls and practices as well as the development of business guidelines to deter future unethical conduct and malfeasance, we ensure that companies and professionals meet and maintain all their compliance and contractual obligations.

Integrity Monitoring:

Government or Court Mandated
Independent Private-Sector Inspector General (“IPSIG”) Programs
Corporate Self Imposed Monitors