Litigation Support & Intelligence

A key to successful litigation and dispute resolution is having the necessary information to make the right decisions, oftentimes under tight schedules.  Whether in court or at the negotiation table, we help litigators prevail by providing evidence and intelligence that supports our clients’ legal strategies and objectives.

Our clients recognize that our team of former senior level prosecutors, government officials, regulators, law enforcement professionals, forensic accountants, financial investigators, computer forensic experts and investigative journalists add value to their litigation matters whether they are discreet assignments in anticipation of litigation or complex long-term litigation engagements.  Granite Intelligence has the ability to provide the scale and leverage sought by smaller and mid-tier law firms as well as the resources and expertise to support the largest multi-national law firms and businesses.

Our litigation support services include:

Witness Interviews – We identify, locate and interview witnesses such as former employees, who may have relevant information to provide our clients.

Asset Search and Recovery – We find hidden assets by following complex financial trails.  Whether on behalf of bankruptcy trustees, creditors or litigators, deciding whether to file a lawsuit or enforce a judgment, our investigators’ and forensic accountants’ international experience and success enables us to untangle complex corporate structures efficiently and quickly.

Fraud Investigations – Whether your organization has been the victim of fraud or embezzlement perpetrated by an external actor or trusted insider, we provide solutions to investigate, resolve and mitigate against these losses.  We analyze the facts of the fraud to devise the appropriate investigative strategy and then retrieve documentary and electronic evidence while conducting witness interviews and other initiatives.  We are adept at working with in-house or outside counsel, often at the same time that regulatory or law enforcement investigations are underway.

Background Investigations – When it’s important to know who your opponents’ witnesses and experts are, we provide comprehensive background research and analysis to understand their personal and professional lives.  Our research oftentimes provides valuable cross-examination material as we routinely uncover such things as inflated, deceitful or fraudulent credentials and undisclosed ties among people and/or entities or patterns of behavior.

Computer Forensics – Investigations, litigation and regulatory enforcement actions routinely require the identification, preservation and production of electronic data and communications.  Our computer forensics professionals can discreetly access and image computers, networks and other storage media which are then analyzed in our state-of-the-art secure forensics lab.  We can determine whether computer data was altered, deleted or damaged and can locate hidden or hard-to-find data on computer hard drives and other technology.